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Create clips of your podcast or show using AI

Creating clips for your podcast or show isn’t just for the professionals anymore


Creating clips for your podcast or show is a great way to grow your audience and spread your ideas across various channels which you might not have initially considered. Though creating clips has traditionally been a time-consuming and costly process, the AI tools which have been developed over the last couple years can give you a huge boost.


If you’re a podcaster or similar content creator, it’s possible you’re in the business of long-form content. Podcasts can definitely span several hours, which is partially why we love them—they’re so rich! But this can inversely create a marketing problem. Whether or not you think you’re marketing, you’re always marketing, merely by putting yourself out there—so it will always be a question of how you’re putting yourself out there, not if.

Clips are a fantastic format for getting the word out about your show, since they’re often short and catchy, and provide a perfect “net” for catching new listeners or fans.

However, creating clips can be difficult! Traditionally you’d hire a video editor or similar professional, which is both time-consuming and hard on the wallet. However, with AI tools like Podium, which exist to serve podcasters and content creators (specifically content that includes audio), creating clips can take just minutes.

A quick note about the power of podcast AI tools

Podcast AI tools have revolutionized the podcasting industry, making it easier for creators to produce content, edit their podcasts, and even market their work. By utilizing copywriting software AI, podcasters can generate show notes, summaries, highlights, transcripts, and more with minimal effort. Podium, for example, offers a podcast show notes generator that can save podcasters valuable time and energy, allowing them to focus on producing content.

AI-generated clips, in particular, have become increasingly popular among podcasters and similar content creators. By using podcast editing services that leverage AI, creators can produce engaging content snippets that draw in new listeners and keep existing ones hooked.

The benefits of creating clips for your podcast or show

Skip the huge time investment creating clips yourself

Creating clips is a massively time-consuming part of the post-production process. We’ve talked to podcasters who hire whole production teams to listen back to every single podcast episode three times. For a single, three-hour podcast—this can mean nine hours of production time for every episode. That’s quite a bit! Granted, this time is also spent cleaning up the audio (mastering), fixing transcription errors, creating chapter markers, in addition to creating clips. But if you’re not doing this work yourself (aka you’re hiring it out), then it’s possible your vision can get lost. If you don’t have your own in-house production team, who knows your content inside and out, it’s possible they can make strange or irrelevant decisions when it comes to editing the right clips. This isn’t to say that using AI to generate clips is 100% perfect either; nothing is. But using AI tools tightens the feedback loop and allows you to make changes quicker, and with far less time investment.

Clips can make your show go viral

The whole point of creating a clip is offering your current listeners (and future listeners) a nice, juicy “slice” of your content. It’s not a trailer, it’s an engaging excerpt. It’s not unlike a quote from a great book—however, since you’re dealing with recorded audio, the way it’s transmitted is a bit different.

A successful clip can be a powerful viral tool for introducing people to your podcast. Honestly, if the clip is really done right—it can be a great piece of content that stands alone! Like this one about curing hiccups from the famous Huberman Lab Podcast:

Clips introduce your show to new channels

Because of a clip’s most common format being a short-form video, often with captions, it can be seen anywhere, and travel a lot further than the podcast player that your fans might use to consume the majority of your show.

Clips can appear on LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Youtube—the list goes on. But you’ll notice that most of these aren’t the primary tool your listeners are using to consume your show. That’s the beauty and utility in creating clips! You’ve essentially “exported” your content to channels where it wasn’t initially meant for, however that doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong—you’ll actually find that clips of your show are quite welcome in these places.

Using AI to create clips

As stated above, creating clips can be a massively time-consuming process, and costly at that. It’s often reserved for creators with large budgets, or who otherwise have “made it” and are living full-time from their content. That’s not the most of us!

AI has been advancing at a breakneck pace over the past several years, and yes—it’s both exciting and scary. The upside to this though, as with any advancing technology, is that it’s become a whole lot more accessible than even just two years ago. When things become more accessible, it means that more regular people have access to powerful tools for creation—and this can greatly benefit content creators like podcasters and Youtubers specifically.

How the heck can AI even find clips?

The current paradigm dominating the AI field is that of “deep learning”, which involves training a machine-learning model on massive datasets, sometimes in the order of billions of samples, and allowing the neural network to find patterns in this data.

It turns out, when you show a neural network thousands of “quotable moments”, like the kind you might find in a podcast clip—it can get pretty good at sniffing out those moments in your show that are interesting, funny, or just plain quotable. Clips generated this way can range from short, 30-second clips (and below) to clips that are several minutes long (but really, this is the decision of the toolmaker and not necessarily that of AI clip generation in general).

What this means is that tools like Podium will find clips for you based on thousands and thousands of examples its seen before. And though this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s perfect 100% of the time, it’s pretty amazing 95% of the time—and that’s a massive boost for you as a creator just starting out, who could really benefit from some great, fast clips to start growing your audience now.

Choosing the right tool

There are plenty of creator tools that utilize AI that are popping up every day. It can be difficult to choose, but if you’re interested in creating clips for your podcast or show, you can specifically Google something like “AI clip creation tools” or “AI tools for podcasters clips” (or something to that effect).

You also happen to be staring at one of those tools right now—Podium! Podium has spent years building proprietary AI trained on creator audio (primarily podcasts) to help create clips, chapters, show notes, and more. You can try it for free by heading to https://podium.page/upload.

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