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PodiumGPT gives you the power of the massively popular AI tool ChatGPT…except it's an expert on your podcast, your show…your creation.

PodiumGPT gives you the power of the massively popular AI tool ChatGPT…except it's an expert on your podcast, your show…your creation.

The speed is INCREDIBLE considering how much time we spend currently developing the transcript, notes, and various meta data for distribution and promotion.

Colleen O'Connell, Executive Director

Harper Collins

Colleen O'Connell,

Executive Director

Harper Collins

Using an AI chatbot as a content creator

Podium gives you access to the world's most powerful AI chatbot. And the best part is: it's an expert on your content.

You're only limited by your imagination

Your tools shouldn't limit you—rather, they should be an extension of your body and mind. With PodiumGPT, you have the power to create the best marketing content you can dream of, and aren't limited to overly-specific, irrelevant presets.

PodiumGPT is included on every plan

PodiumGPT isn't just for the special ones. If you're processing your audio with Podium, PodiumGPT is ready to go.

A marketing team in your pocket

If you care about growing your audience, you need to market yourself. But writing marketing copy is difficult, and time-consuming. With PodiumGPT at your disposal, writing good marketing copy for your show is as simple as wishing for it.

Revolutionize Your Content Game

Brace yourself for the future of content creation and marketing with PodiumGPT, the most powerful and versatile tool you never knew you needed!

Imagine having the ability to effortlessly generate any marketing collateral for your content, from blog posts and social media updates to Twitter threads, listicles, and emails. What if you could also create new show ideas, generate compelling titles, and explore countless other possibilities for your brand, limited only by your imagination?

Enter PodiumGPT, a game-changing integration of ChatGPT and Podium's technology, designed specifically for content creators and podcasters like you. With the cutting-edge GPT-4 technology at its core, PodiumGPT is here to redefine your content creation experience.

But what exactly can PodiumGPT do for you? Let's dive in and find out!

Unleash Your Creativity with PodiumGPT—powered by GPT-4

PodiumGPT is built on the latest GPT-4 technology, the most advanced natural language processing AI available today. This groundbreaking technology enables PodiumGPT to understand context, generate human-like text, and even anticipate your content needs. Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to endless inspiration!

Generate Any Marketing Collateral

PodiumGPT is designed to empower you, the content creator, by offering a comprehensive suite of marketing tools. Whether you need a catchy blog post, an engaging social media update, an informative Twitter thread, a shareable listicle, or a persuasive email, PodiumGPT has your back. The sky's the limit when it comes to content generation.

Spark New Show Ideas and Titles

Feeling stuck for podcast or show ideas? PodiumGPT is here to help! By leveraging the GPT-4 technology, PodiumGPT can generate a plethora of unique and captivating show ideas that will keep your audience hooked. Need a catchy title for your next episode or series? PodiumGPT has you covered.

Create Just About Anything
With PodiumGPT

What sets PodiumGPT apart is its incredible versatility. The only limit to what you can achieve with this tool is your imagination. Use PodiumGPT to brainstorm new concepts, develop innovative marketing strategies, or even create fictional characters and stories. The possibilities are truly endless.

Join the PodiumGPT Revolution Today

Are you ready to elevate your content creation and marketing game? Don't miss out on the chance to harness the power of PodiumGPT. Join the AI-powered revolution today and let PodiumGPT become your ultimate creative partner. PodiumGPT is available on all of Podium's plans—even during the free trial.

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