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Introducing PodiumGPT

Like ChatGPT, but tailored for YOUR podcasts/audio content.


PodiumGPT unlocks the power of the popular ChatGPT, but with one big plot twist: it has already studied your podcast/content, and generates text based on it. This means it's great for creating bespoke marketing copy, or anything text-based for that matter, for your podcast or other video content.

What is PodiumGPT?

Chances are, by now you’ve heard of ChatGPT. If you haven’t heard of it, you can learn about it here, and use it here. All you need to know is that it’s the most viral AI product to hit the internet since AI’s recent explosion in the past decade, becoming somewhat of a household name, enabling creators of all kinds (programmers, marketers, writers, etc.) to tap into one of the most powerful AI tools publicly available, many citing it as a “boon to creativity” since it can quickly generate ideas and create a fertile “first-pass” so you can jump straight into refining the output into your final product instead of staring at a blank page.

PodiumGPT is basically ChatGPT, but with an important twist: PodiumGPT is fine-tuned on your content. So you’re essentially tapping into the same revolutionary power of ChatGPT, however its output is heavily influenced by the audio content you’ve uploaded to Podium, which means that anything generated by PodiumGPT is created with your podcast or audio in mind. This means it’s perfect for creating marketing assets, like email announcements, tweets, website copy…the possibilities are actually endless.

We created PodiumGPT to not only make your creative process easier, but also to open up a world of opportunities for makers like you who might not have the time or knowledge to use more complex AI tools. By leveraging PodiumGPT, you can tap into the power of the underlying ChatGPT and turn your audio into valuable written content quickly and easily.

How does PodiumGPT work?

PodiumGPT works very similarly to ChatGPT: you feed it an audio of your choosing and it generates ideas and textual output. However, instead of leveraging general data, PodiumGPT is powered by content-specific data tuned specifically to your podcast. This means that, when you feed PodiumGPT your audio, it will generate ideas and output highly tailored for your content.

Right now, it only works on a per-file basis. This means that if you upload, say, a 3 hour podcast .mp3, you can generate any content you like using PodiumGPT for that particular file. It will only consider that file only, and not other files you’ve previously uploaded.

To use PodiumGPT, you can hit the “PodiumGPT” link under an upload you’ve created within your /dashboard page, or alternatively hit the “view” button and then hit the “Generate more files” button.

If you prefer a visual walkthrough, watch this:

Introducing...PodiumGPT - Watch Video

What’s the benefit of using PodiumGPT?

The benefit of using PodiumGPT is pretty simple: leveraging PodiumGPT will save you tons of time and hassle when it comes to creating written content out from your audio. No more staring at blank pages. With PodiumGPT, all of this (and more) is available to you in just a few clicks.

If you need a reminder for why creating written content from your audio content is important, check out some of our past articles:

Other tools will leverage AI to help you create tweets, LinkedIn posts, blog posts, and more, but only if they’ve specifically built that feature. But with PodiumGPT, you can literally create whatever you want. We give you the underlying technology as an easy-to-use tool itself so you can succeed as a creator.

Do I have to pay extra for PodiumGPT?

Nope! PodiumGPT is already included in your subscription—no matter your subscription level. If you’re a free trial user, you can also use PodiumGPT there as well.


To give you a better idea of what’s possible with PodiumGPT, here are some examples of what you can create with it:

  • Create a Facebook post promoting this episode

  • Summarize this podcast in the style of an abstract for an academic paper

  • Create a script for a short Tiktok video promoting this podcast

Again, the possibilities are truly endless. With PodiumGPT, you can create anything you can dream up to get a head start on marketing your content.

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Try Podium today

Get 3 FREE hours free to try Podium when you sign up.