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Using AI copywriting tools as a content creator

Why AI copywriting tools aren’t just for writers or marketing professionals.


AI copywriting tools can help creators like podcasters and YouTubers produce the written copy supporting their shows in order to market them effectively and reach new audiences. While creators primarily focus on producing their content, crafting effective copy to describe and promote the content also requires significant time and effort—and AI tools can come to the rescue.

Why should I use AI copywriting tools if I'm not producing written content?

Getting your show in front of others

As a podcaster (or Youtube creator, etc.), using an AI copywriting tool might not come to mind as one of the first tools to leap to in helping you produce your show. Rather, editor tools like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Audacity, CapCut, or others might make more sense.

But a big part of getting your show out there is the copy that carries it. In a way, the written copy surrounding your show is like a boat, and the people on the boat is the content itself—I.e., your podcast, your youtube videos, etc.

Surrounding your show with good copy is essential for earning the audience your show deserves. Ideally, when people hear about your show, they're watching or listening to the show itself in whatever channel they're viewing. For example, if someone is scrolling LinkedIn or Twitter, you want them to stumble upon an actual clip from your show and get that direct sample. In some ways, this is even better than a movie trailer, because it’s an unofficial endorsement (social proof) that your show provided value to a real human being, so much so that they took the effort to share it with others.

However, unless your show is wildly successful and established, this is mostly the ideal while you’re just starting out. And without new audience members getting "direct samples" of your show, they will rely on proxies—on the web this largely amounts to the text content surrounding your show. This could come in the form of user-generated content, like someone tweeting about your show or a friend texting you telling you "you gotta listen to this podcast episode", someone at a party recalling an episode of a podcast you should check out, or even something official, like your own podcast's show notes or youtube video description.

What are AI copywriting tools, and how they can help

This step in the “awareness” pipeline is where AI copywriting tools can create a huge lift for you and save you a lot of time. AI copywriting tools use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to generate text that is similar in style and tone to human writing, because ultimately—it has been trained on billions of samples of actual human writing. These tools can help you craft headlines, social media posts, show notes, and even full episode transcripts in a matter of minutes. They can save you tons of time and brain power, allowing you to just get back to the thing you do best—creating the content itself.

AI copywriting tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated and specialized, with options tailored for podcasting, video content creation, email marketing, and more. Using an AI tool that is purpose-built for your specific content needs will help you craft copy that resonates most with your target audience, creating opportunities for people to discover your show without directly listening to it.

Think about it—if you’re a podcast listener, how often do you listen to podcast episodes without first reading the show notes for the episode? For me personally, if I wasn’t sold on a podcast via a short clip on social media or Youtube, I’m reading the show notes to “sell myself” on the episode. The kind of long-form content I like is often several hours long, but the attention span I have for the actual decision-making part is short. I don’t want to waste the next few hours on something that won’t be an enriching experience, and there’s already a million tiny decisions I have to make during the day about what to read, watch, or listen to next.

So, producing the right content around your “core” content (podcast, video) is essential for convincing listeners that your show is for them. You likely have an audience waiting for you—it’s just a matter of how to find the right path to them!

Using AI copywriting tools to help your audience find you

Creating great copy to surround your podcast or youtube videos can often require a totally different headspace. This is why larger Youtubers and podcasters often resort to hiring a producer, or even a whole production team, to take care of this, as part of their normal duties as producers.

As a small-time creator (or any level, for that matter), AI tools can really help. If you’re just starting out, most of your energy will be devoted to creating the podcasts, the videos, researching topics and future guests, etc. At Podium, many of our customers usually do the “bare minimum” with regards to writing show notes or doing other “copywriting” duties of podcast production. Some even avoided writing show notes at all!

But when trying out AI tools, they ended up saving so much time that all of a sudden, writing the copy that was essential for a great-looking podcast wasn’t so daunting.

There are already plenty of AI copywriting tools out there, especially ones made for content creators like podcasters, but only very few can generate chapters and clips for your podcast, which put you a cut above the rest because you can more easily dissect the different parts of your podcast and share short clips of them on social media.

Podium is one of these AI tools that can generate show notes, transcripts, episode titles, social media posts, in addition to generating chapters (readable by Spotify and Youtube) and short clips for social media. (You get 3 free audio hours of processing in the free trial).

With specialized AI tools, you can spend less time writing about your show and more time creating the show itself. Your audience will find the path to your show through well-crafted copy, and you’ll have more time and creative energy to keep producing a high-quality show.

Producing your show is top priority—but coming in close second is the way you’re marketing yourself, or else people won’t listen to the show in the first place.

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