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Creator Spotlight: Justin Hange

Justin Hange and Siren Mastering


Justin Hange is the owner of Siren Mastering, a studio dedicated to music and podcast mastering. Leveraging his decade-long experience in live audio production, he simplifies the technical aspects of podcast production for clients. Focused on storytelling and audience engagement, Justin offers invaluable advice for aspiring podcasters and praises the role of AI, particularly Podium, in enhancing his workflow and boosting output.

Siren Mastering: Crafting the Future of Podcast Production with Justin Hange

In the expanding world of podcasts, quality audio production is becoming increasingly important. Meet Justin Hange, the owner of Siren Mastering, a studio focused on both music and podcast mastering. Located at the intersection of technology and creativity, Justin and his team are helping podcasters bring their audio to life.

You can explore what Siren Mastering has to offer here.

From Live Audio to Podcast Production

"I’ve been editing podcasts for two years," says Justin, whose journey into podcast production wasn't a typical one. Initially, Justin had a background of about a decade in live audio production and is also a professionally trained mastering engineer. His entrance into the podcasting realm came when a client expressed interest in using podcasts for B2B marketing. "My client had been doing social media content creation only, and was interested in using podcasts as a good B2B marketing strategy," he explains.

Technical Expertise Meets Content Creation

What sets Justin apart is his approach to working with clients. "I really enjoy alleviating the pain points of technical aspects of podcast production. That way, my clients can focus on what really matters: the content itself," Justin points out. With a foundation in live audio production, Justin leverages his technical expertise to simplify the podcast production process for his clients, freeing them to concentrate on storytelling and audience engagement.

Crafting the Perfect Narrative

When it comes to creating a compelling podcast, Justin emphasizes the importance of engaging storytelling. "I once heard from a long time podcast production professional about the appropriate length of a podcast: however long you can keep it interesting," he shares. According to Justin, your narrative structure should always serve this goal, focusing on captivating your ideal audience and keeping them engaged.

Tips for Aspiring Podcasters

If you're looking to venture into the podcasting world, Justin has some invaluable advice. "Before you even start, define your ideal listener and how you plan to engage them," he suggests. Having a clear understanding of your audience will inform your content creation, marketing strategies, and monetization efforts.

The Role of AI in Podcast Production

Artificial Intelligence is also making waves in the podcast production arena, and Justin is quick to acknowledge its utility. "I definitely found Podium to solve a pain point/time suck in my workflow," he says. Justin praises Podium's AI capabilities for their role in enhancing his productivity. "Allowing Podium’s AI to analyze and process all the things I need and more for post production has been an absolute boost to my output."

Justin's experience highlights how vital it is to combine technological expertise with a keen understanding of content and audience. Through Siren Mastering, he offers a unique blend of both, positioning his clients to deliver podcasts that are not only well-produced but also deeply engaging.

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