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Creator Spotlight: Wish Ronquillo Peacocke

Wish Ronquillo Peacocke and the ‘Human Thesaurus’ podcast


Wish Ronquillo Peacocke's podcast "Human Thesaurus" delves into diverse human experiences. Initiated from a failed collaboration, it has become her passion project, overcoming challenges like guest scheduling and editing with the help of tools like Podium. She advises new podcasters to start with clear intentions and utilize available resources wisely. Outside her podcasting life, Wish runs an olive grove in New Zealand, producing artisanal olive oil.

Introducing Wish Ronquillo Peacocke and the ‘Human Thesaurus’ podcast

Wish Ronquillo Peacocke is the spirited host of "Human Thesaurus," a podcast that delves into the multifaceted human experience through conversations with a diverse range of guests. Her journey into podcasting began with a collaboration that didn't work out, but it sparked her passion for sharing stories and insights. Facing challenges like scheduling and technical production, she finds solace in tools like Podium to streamline her workflow. Outside the studio in Singapore where she currently lives, Wish enjoys a tranquil side of life in New Zealand, where she and her husband cultivate an olive grove, reflecting her love for creating and nurturing. Her podcast is a vibrant mix of personal tales, wisdom, and the exploration of the power of words, making every episode a journey into the diverse spectrum of human life.

You can listen to her show here: https://www.humanthesaurus.co/

Tell us about your show!

Human Thesaurus is an engaging podcast where I invite a diverse range of friends and acquaintances to have a conversation with me, your host, Wish Ronquillo Peacocke. Each episode takes you on a wild ride through personal journeys, profound experiences, relatable rants, hilarious moments, and insightful opinions within different industries. With a focus on individuals who are defined by multiple words synonymous with who they are, my podcast explores various perspectives and personalities, resembling words with several meanings. Through these conversations, you are invited to eavesdrop and enjoy a captivating exploration of the human experience.

Why did you start your podcast?

I started because my influencer friend wanted to collaborate with me, so I gave it a shot, but that production fell through. It convinced me that I could do this and put my concept forward instead. My life's been exciting (career-wise and personally) to begin with, but combining it to highlight the most diverse people I know drove me to gather my experiences through my guests. This is my passion project, and it gives me joy to hope that at least a listener can relate to the nuggets of wisdom via the words we choose to use. No matter what life gives, I take it all and make the sparkliest lemonade I can serve. (if you know what I mean...)

What's been your biggest challenge so far?

The hardest part for me is scheduling guests. My podcast heavily relies on guests, so chasing the appointments is challenging. The next is editing and preparing the show notes. At least Podium now helps me with copywriting. I am open to all the lessons I learn from podcasting. This time, I am excitedly exploring AI platforms that can help me with the production and technical stuff. As with the guests, I am now more realistic with my pre-production schedule and provide myself with backup plans.

How has podcasting impacted your personal and professional life?

Podcasting gives me another avenue for my relentless energy, thinking about life and what it offers. It's a privilege to have this avenue to share ideas and personal stories of people thoughtfully. The impact? Other people can somewhat understand different walks of life, and how we use words hinges on our thoughts about ourselves and others. In terms of growth, it makes me push the envelope to keep up with the rapid technologies that can create good-quality podcasts. It gives me a platform to interact deeply with my guests.

What advice do you have for new podcasters?

Just start somewhere. Be clear about the intention of your podcast and what you want to get out of it. It is an uncompromising commitment, so provide time and energy to push through it. So many sources are available to help you get going, but always exercise critical thinking, or else you'll get overwhelmed. Also, budget your way through the basics if needed. You don't need expensive equipment to get the best quality media. Explore AI platforms to help you aid the production process, like Podium for post-prod marketing and content. Common mistakes? Assimilating another podcaster and forgetting your pizzazz. Trust your gut.

Anything else you'd like to share with world?

I have an olive grove in New Zealand with my husband. We produce artisanal extra virgin olive oil for the love of it!

How has Podium improved your Workflow?

Podium reduced my production time writing my show notes and marketing/social media content. It gave me a streamlined way to write show notes and summaries. It also saves me a budget using another transcription service, which is now my all-in-one composition platform. I also enjoy PodiumGPT, which helps me concoct copies for different purposes with fun prompts. Best of all, it's affordable and has friendly customer support.

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