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Creator Spotlight: Zev Shalev

Zev Shalev and “Narativ with Zev Shalev”


Zev Shalev, host of the news podcast "Narativ," delves deep into current affairs using investigative journalism. Motivated to uncover the hidden stories behind major events, he appreciates the creative freedom podcasting offers. Facing challenges like reputational attacks, Shalev advises aspiring podcasters to commit time to establish their presence and advocates for embracing video as the future of the medium.

Unraveling the Real Story: A Conversation with Zev Shalev of "Narativ"

In an era when news often feels like a whirlwind of information, Zev Shalev stands as a beacon of investigative journalism and insightful analysis. He is the host of "Narativ with Zev Shalev," a weekly news show that delves deep into current affairs, using rigorous investigative journalism and intelligence analysis to make sense of the news in real-time.

If you're interested in a journalistic approach that isn't afraid to tackle the hidden stories behind major events, you can check out Narativ here: https://narativlive.podbean.com/

Dissecting the News, Piece by Piece

"Narativ is a weekly news show which uses investigative journalism and intelligence analysis to solve the news in real-time," explains Zev. In a landscape rife with headlines that barely scratch the surface, Narativ seeks to offer a deeper understanding of what's really happening in the world.

The Driving Force Behind Narativ

When asked about what motivated him to start his podcast, Zev doesn't mince words. "I believed the world was missing the real story behind the 2016 election," he says. This initial spark led him on a journey to uncover and discuss narratives that are often glossed over or misinterpreted by mainstream media.

Navigating Challenges in the Podcasting World

Of course, such a courageous approach isn't without its pitfalls. "Dealing with entirely false reputational attacks from competing podcasters" has been his biggest challenge, Zev admits. This is an unavoidable aspect of the industry, especially for those who seek to shine a light on obscured truths.

The Freedom of Podcasting

One of the unique aspects of podcasting is the degree of freedom it allows its creators. "There are no editors and corporate entities telling me what I can or can't report. That brings me closer to my viewers and allows me to share the truth with them," Zev states. This lack of external interference has enabled him to connect more authentically with his audience.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Podcasters

If you're contemplating diving into the world of podcasting, Zev has some sage advice: "It will take much longer and require a substantial regular commitment of time to establish yourself." Podcasting isn't just a hobby; it's a commitment that requires consistent effort and dedication.

Embracing the Future and Authenticity

When it comes to future trends, Zev emphasizes the importance of video. "Don't be afraid of video. It may take getting used to, but video is the future of podcasting," he advises. More than that, he stresses the value of being true to oneself. "Never be afraid of being your authentic self and following your heart. The world may not always like it… but only the truth survives over time."

Technology as an Aid

Much like other podcasters, Zev has discovered the benefits of artificial intelligence in streamlining his workflow. "I've tried many AI transcribers, and PODIUM is hands down the most accurate, and I love the writing voice and tone," he shares. Such tools help Zev maintain the rigorous standards his show requires while freeing him to focus on what he does best: uncovering the truth.

Through "Narativ with Zev Shalev," Zev offers a unique blend of journalistic rigor, keen analysis, and unfiltered truth-telling, all in an effort to provide a deeper understanding of the world we live in. Whether you're a podcasting novice or a seasoned pro, there's much to learn from his journey.

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