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Introducing Podium

A simple, revolutionary AI tool for podcasters and creators


Podium is a set of new AI tools for podcasters that greatly reduces the workload. Podium helps speed up production time by: creating show notes, breaking your podcast up into chapters, writing summaries, generating episode titles, social media posts, keywords, and locating highlight clips—interesting moments to post on social media.

A new way is here, a better way.

As a podcaster, or as someone who is enmeshed in the podcast production process, you might relate to a sentiment that we’ve heard from several podcasters to date: you wish you could just spend more time podcasting and less time on “the other stuff”.

Not that the “other stuff” isn’t important—quite the opposite. The best podcasts also have some of the most informative show notes, break down their lengthy episodes into chapters, or provide a full transcript (and lately, even producing their own chat bots!).

Problem is, that “other stuff” requires quite a different mindset than the one you step into when podcasting. We know context-switching (switching mindsets) is a costly process—and we’d all rather have you doing what you do best—podcasting. Some podcasters have even described the process of writing show notes as “daunting”—and it is. Writing podcast show notes can take hours out of your day and cost hundreds to thousands spent on contractors in a year.

Podium is an AI tool designed specifically for podcasters and creators, with the goal of making post-production tasks quick and easy. In just a few minutes, Podium generates show notes, chapters, chapter summaries, clips for social media, a full transcript, a suggested episode title, a social media post, and several keywords (helping others find your podcast easier).

The devil is in the details. It might not seem that these parts of a podcast are mandatory when you’re uploading your podcast to your hosting service—but in this case, it's the "small stuff" that can make a huge impact. Why? Because these features helps potential listeners find your podcast and know if it's a fit for them. At Podium, as an avid podcast listener ourselves, we always open the podcast description or episode description before diving in. Your fans want to know: what you're talking about, why you're talking about it, who’s the guest, etc. Listening to a podcast or watching an hour long youtube video isn’t a cheap time investment—it's not Tiktok—so give your fans what they need to invest their time.

This is where Podium comes in. With Podium’s help, you can focus on creating a great podcast, and let our AI blast you to "done" and supercharge your podcast. You'll have more time to prepare for your next guest, research more topics, read your next book. Podium lets you just get back to podcasting and creating.

Podium isn't just for individual podcasters, either—it's a game-changer for producers, marketers, agencies, and production studios. Teams that use Podium are able to increase workloads, decrease turn-around times, and improve quality. It's a win-win for them and their customers.

How does Podium work?

You head to https://podium.page/upload, upload your audio, and wait for the email when it’s done. And then you download the .zip file—that’s it. Instant show notes, transcripts, chapters for your podcast or channel.

This highlights of the of the best things about Podium—it's easy to use. Even if you're not tech-savvy, you can still use Podium and reap the benefits.

Give it a try and tell us what you think. We're constantly looking for ways to improve the experience for you .

Try Podium today

Get 3 FREE hours free to try Podium when you sign up.

Try Podium today

Get 3 FREE hours free to try Podium when you sign up.