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Podcasting Topics and Ideas: 20 Ideas to Get You Started

Topic selection can be extremely confusing, getting some inspiration can help


The topics we traverse in this article are mere starting points, a launchpad for your imagination and creativity. Your podcast has the potential to resonate with listeners, inspire conversations, and build communities. As you step forward on this path, embrace the adventure that podcasting presents. Let your ideas flow, your voice be heard, and your stories unfold. The world of podcasting awaits your unique contribution and this is just the beginning.

Podcasting offers an incredible platform for storytelling, sharing knowledge, and connecting with like-minded individuals. For newcomers in the world of podcasting, the sheer multitude of potential topics can often seem overwhelming. The landscape is vast, with a myriad of directions one could take, leading to a state of indecision for many aspiring podcasters.

This article is crafted with the intention of simplifying this initial complexity. It offers a carefully selected list of 20 diverse podcasting topics, each chosen to inspire and ignite the creative process for those at the beginning of their podcasting journey. The goal is to not only provide a clear direction amidst the sea of possibilities but also to stimulate thought and innovation in your approach to podcasting.

As we explore these various avenues, this guide stands to help you navigate the exciting, yet often daunting task of choosing the right niche for your podcast.

1. Local Legends and Folklore

  • Description: Dive into the rich tapestry of local myths, legends, and folklore. Each episode can explore a different story, its origins, and its impact on local culture.

  • Why It's Good: This topic taps into the curiosity about the unknown and mysterious, offering listeners both entertainment and education about diverse cultures and histories.

2. Innovative Tech Explainers

  • Description: Break down complex technological concepts into understandable segments. Discuss the latest advancements, interviews with experts, and implications for the future.

  • Why It's Good: As technology continuously evolves, there's a growing appetite for content that demystifies and explains these advancements.

3. Sustainable Living Tips

  • Description: Offer practical advice on adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. Cover topics like zero-waste practices, eco-friendly products, and sustainable food choices.

  • Why It's Good: With increasing awareness about environmental issues, people are seeking ways to live more sustainably, making this a highly relevant and impactful topic.

4. Behind-the-Scenes of Startups

  • Description: Share stories from entrepreneurs about the challenges and triumphs of starting a business. Include interviews, lessons learned, and tips for aspiring business owners.

  • Why It's Good: The startup world is full of inspiring and educational stories, and listeners often seek both motivation and guidance from those who have experienced it firsthand.

5. Historical Mysteries Unraveled

  • Description: Explore historical events or figures that are shrouded in mystery. Analyze different theories, historical contexts, and the impact on present-day understanding.

  • Why It's Good: History buffs and mystery enthusiasts alike are drawn to unresolved historical events, offering a blend of education and intrigue.

6. Global Culinary Journey

  • Description: Take listeners on a gastronomic adventure around the world. Discuss various cuisines, their cultural significance, and even include recipes or cooking tips.

  • Why It's Good: Food is a universal language, and exploring culinary traditions is an engaging way to learn about different cultures and histories.

7. Mindfulness and Mental Wellness

  • Description: Focus on topics related to mental health, mindfulness practices, and personal well-being. Include expert advice, personal stories, and practical tips.

  • Why It's Good: In today’s fast-paced world, content that promotes mental well-being and mindfulness resonates with a wide audience seeking balance and self-care.

8. The Science of Everyday Life

  • Description: Explain the science behind common phenomena and everyday experiences. This could range from natural occurrences to the science behind human behaviors.

  • Why It's Good: There's a natural curiosity about the world around us, and breaking down the science in an accessible way can be both educational and fascinating.

9. Travel Diaries and Adventures

  • Description: Share travel stories, tips, and experiences from around the globe. Include interviews with travelers, insights into different cultures, and travel planning tips.

  • Why It's Good: Travel content is perennially popular, offering escapism, practical information, and the thrill of adventure, all in one.

10. Life Hacks and Productivity Tips

  • Description: Provide listeners with clever life hacks, productivity strategies, and organizational tips to improve their daily lives.

  • Why It's Good: In an era where everyone is looking to optimize their life, content that offers practical, easy-to-implement solutions has mass appeal.

11. Artisan and Craftsmanship Journeys

  • Description: Delve into the world of artisans and craftsmen, exploring their techniques, histories, and stories behind their crafts.

  • Why It's Good: There’s a growing appreciation for handmade and artisanal products. This podcast can tap into that interest, offering a blend of educational content and appreciation for craftsmanship.

12. Home Gardening and Urban Farming

  • Description: Share tips, tricks, and stories about home gardening and urban farming, including interviews with gardening experts and enthusiasts.

  • Why It's Good: With more people turning to home gardening for sustainability and as a hobby, this topic can attract a dedicated audience interested in green living.

13. Parenting Adventures and Challenges

  • Description: Discuss the various aspects of parenting, from dealing with daily challenges to celebrating milestones. Include expert advice and parent interviews.

  • Why It's Good: Parenting is a universal topic that never goes out of style, and listeners often seek advice, shared experiences, and a sense of community.

14. Health and Fitness Transformation Stories

  • Description: Feature inspiring personal stories about health and fitness transformations, along with tips from health experts and motivational advice.

  • Why It's Good: Health and fitness are always of interest, and real transformation stories can be highly motivating and relatable to a wide audience.

15. Music Exploration and Artist Interviews

  • Description: Explore different music genres, trends, and histories. Include interviews with artists, discussions about albums, and insights into the music industry.

  • Why It's Good: Music lovers are always looking for new discoveries and insights into their favorite artists and genres, making this a potentially popular topic.

16. Book Reviews and Author Conversations

  • Description: Dive into the world of literature, offering book reviews, discussions, and interviews with authors. Cover various genres and literary trends.

  • Why It's Good: For book enthusiasts, a podcast that offers deep dives into literature and conversations with authors can be both informative and engaging.

17. Personal Finance and Investment Strategies

  • Description: Discuss personal finance management, investment strategies, and financial planning tips. Include interviews with financial experts.

  • Why It's Good: Financial literacy is a crucial, evergreen topic, appealing to a broad audience looking to improve their financial health.

18. Digital Nomad Lifestyle

  • Description: Explore the lives of digital nomads, including their work, travel experiences, and lifestyle tips for remote working.

  • Why It's Good: With more people embracing remote work and travel, this podcast can offer valuable insights and advice for aspiring digital nomads.

19. Sustainable Fashion and Ethical Consumption

  • Description: Discuss the impact of fashion on the environment, exploring sustainable brands, ethical consumption, and eco-friendly fashion trends.

  • Why It's Good: As awareness around sustainable living grows, a podcast on ethical fashion can attract an audience interested in making responsible lifestyle choices.

20. Cultural Exchange and Language Learning

  • Description: Share stories and experiences about cultural exchange, language learning tips, and interviews with people from different cultural backgrounds.

  • Why It's Good: In our globalized world, content that fosters understanding and appreciation of different cultures and languages can be both educational and inspiring.


As we conclude, remember that your podcast is more than just a series of episodes; it's a reflection of your curiosity, passion, and unique perspective. The 20 topics we've traversed are mere starting points, a launchpad for your imagination and creativity. Your podcast has the potential to resonate with listeners, inspire conversations, and build communities. As you step forward on this path, embrace the adventure that podcasting presents. Let your ideas flow, your voice be heard, and your stories unfold. The world of podcasting awaits your unique contribution, and this journey, undoubtedly, is just the beginning.

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