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Tips for A Podcast Title and Artwork That Grows Your Audience

Put your best foot forward and don’t misrepresent yourself


Creating an engaging podcast title and artwork is crucial for attracting listeners and growing your audience. As we’ve said before on this blog, everyone is marketing—it’s just a matter of how you’re doing it.

Crafting a captivating podcast title

A compelling podcast title is one of the most important aspects of attracting new listeners. Just like a book's title or a movie's name, your podcast title should catch people's attention and give them an idea of what your show is about. Here are some tips for creating a captivating podcast title:

  • Keep it short and simple: Aim for a title that's easy to remember and pronounce.

  • Make it descriptive: Your title should give potential listeners a sense of your podcast's theme or subject matter.

  • Consider SEO: Incorporate relevant keywords to increase the likelihood of your podcast appearing in search results. Remember: you want future listeners to see your podcast as immediately relevant to their interests. You’re trying to reach people that share our vision—and the title is the first thing they’ll see.

If you're unsure about your podcast title, you can experiment with AI-powered copywriting software for audio content, like Podium. It can generate unlimited titles, taking SEO best practices into effect, helping you find the perfect fit for your podcast.

Designing eye-catching artwork

Your podcast artwork is the visual representation of your show and serves as a crucial first impression for potential listeners. High-quality, eye-catching artwork can set your podcast apart from the competition and increase the chances of someone clicking on your show. Here's how to design artwork that stands out:

  • Use bold colors and simple designs: Bold colors and clean, straightforward designs are more likely to grab attention and convey professionalism.

  • Ensure legibility: If you include text in your artwork, make sure it's easy to read, even at smaller sizes.

  • Stay consistent with your branding: Your podcast artwork should reflect your show's overall branding, including colors, fonts, and imagery.

Optimizing your podcast title and artwork for SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential for increasing the visibility of your podcast in search results. By implementing SEO strategies, you can help more people discover your show and grow your audience. Consider these tips for optimizing your podcast title and artwork for SEO:

  • Use relevant keywords: Incorporate keywords related to your podcast's subject matter in your title and artwork's metadata to improve search engine rankings.

  • Include a descriptive subtitle: A well-crafted subtitle can provide additional context about your podcast, increasing its appeal to potential listeners and helping search engines understand its content.

  • Create an informative description: Write a detailed, keyword-rich description for your podcast, offering an overview of your show's content and value to listeners.

  • Put your title in your podcast art: While your podcast art isn’t necessarily being analyzed like the text in your show description (although this could change in the future), for optimal accessibility and legibility, you’ll probably want to include your title in your artwork. Otherwise, you’re leave it to the podcast players and other media platforms to determine whether or not they actually print the title of your show everywhere your artwork appears (sometimes they won’t).

Leveraging AI tools to optimize podcast titles and artwork

AI tools can help you create engaging podcast titles and artwork more efficiently. Services like Podium offer AI-generated podcast titles and suggestions for artwork, saving you time and providing a solid foundation for your podcast's branding.

You can get artwork ideas by using PodiumGPT. Try asking it, “Describe 5 highly-detailed images for artwork that would fit this podcast, using poetic language.”

(Of course, a text-to-image AI program like Midjourney or DALL•E would be a more appropriate tool for the job—but in either case, both can serve as a starting off point for bringing an actual artist, designer, or illustrator into the fold to fully realize your vision in the most authentic way possible.)

These tools can also assist with SEO optimization, offering keyword suggestions and helping you craft a podcast title and artwork that ranks well in search results.


In conclusion, crafting an engaging podcast title and artwork is vital for attracting listeners and growing your audience. By following best practices and leveraging AI tools, you can optimize your podcast's visibility and appeal, increasing the chances of attracting a loyal following.

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