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Podium Announces Podbook: A new AI tool that transforms podcasts into books



Podium, a trailblazing company known for developing innovative AI tools for podcasters, has unveiled a revolutionary product—Podbook. This AI-powered application transforms podcast episodes into fully-fledged books, providing a seamless way for creators to repurpose their content, engage with their audience in a new format, and generate an additional revenue stream. With sophisticated language processing, Podbook ensures the transformed content reads like a book, enhancing the reader's experience. Currently, Podbook is in closed beta, with the waitlist now open for all podcasters interested in this cutting-edge product.

Sacramento, CA — June 14, 2023 — Podium, the pioneering company at the forefront of developing advanced AI tools for podcasters, has unveiled a groundbreaking new product—Podbook. This revolutionary application leverages the latest in artificial intelligence technology to allow podcasters to transform their podcast episodes into fully realized books.

Building on its strong reputation for creating cutting-edge AI tools that empower podcast creators, Podium continues to innovate by giving creators a seamless, efficient way to repurpose their content. With Podbook, podcasters can extend the reach of their content, engage with their audience in a new medium, and create an additional revenue stream.

"Podbook is the latest evolution in our commitment to empower creators with advanced technology. It's an innovative solution that bridges the gap between audio and written content," said Ken Miller, CTO of Podium. "We believe that by unlocking new content opportunities for podcasters, we are helping grow their audience and monetize their content. As an experiment we generated an entire book based on content from a podcast that rhymes with Luberman Hab—and it was really, really good. We think that many podcasters are going to be interested in generating high quality content from their work."Podbook produces a high-quality manuscript that a human editor can then modify. The application also incorporates sophisticated language processing to ensure the content reads like a book, rather than a transcribed podcast, offering a more enjoyable reading experience.

Podbook is currently in closed beta, with a select group of podcasters testing and providing valuable feedback to improve the product. However, starting today, the waitlist is now open for all podcasters who wish to try Podbooks once it's ready for public launch.

"We're eager to see the response from the podcast community and anticipate a significant demand for this revolutionary product," Ken Miller adds. "We encourage all podcasters to join our waitlist to be among the first to experience Podbook."

Podium continues to demonstrate its commitment to the podcast community by developing tools that enhance creativity, expand audience reach, and boost the potential for revenue generation.

To join the Podbook waitlist, visit https://hello.podium.page/podbook

About Podium

Podium is a tech-driven company that develops innovative AI tools designed to empower podcasters. With a mission to revolutionize the way content is created and shared, Podium is at the forefront of providing advanced, user-friendly solutions that enhance the podcasting experience for creators and listeners alike.

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