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Creator Spotlight: Angela O'Brien

Angela O’Brien and the ‘Especially Organized’ podcast


"The Especially Organized Podcast," hosted by Angela, offers practical organizing solutions for special needs moms. It creates a supportive community to discuss household management challenges without judgment. Unique in its focus, the podcast features tips and guidance for moms to be more present with their children. Angela shares her own challenges in time management and how her podcasting experience has enhanced her professional speaking opportunities. Her key advice for new podcasters is to start without aiming for perfection or high-end equipment. Angela also appreciates the improvements in SEO and social media management that Podium has contributed to her podcast.

Introducing Angela O’Brien and the ‘Especially Organized’ podcast

Angela hosts the "Especially Organized” podcast and is a professional home organizer and mother to a daughter with Down Syndrome. This podcast is tailored for special needs moms, providing practical organizing tips and support.

With her own experiences and professional knowledge, Angela helps families navigate the challenges of raising children with special needs. Each episode offers useful advice and insights, aiming to simplify daily life. Tune in to this podcast for straightforward, helpful guidance from Angela.

You can listen to her show here: https://link.chtbl.com/VwamNDfc

Tell us about your show!

The Especially Organized Podcast was launched to bring sensible organizing solutions to special needs moms like me. I wanted to give them a place and a community where they can express their organization struggles without the judgment and with lots of understanding of what it’s like trying to stay organized while raising kids who need a little extra. Whether their child has Down Syndrome, Autism, other intellectual or physical disabilities or neurodiversity, I am here for them. I focus on bringing content that will help fellow special needs moms feel less burdened by the tasks of their household. I interview various guests but also do solo episodes where I focus on one specific issue that special needs moms might be dealing with and offer tips, guidance and solutions that can help them get back to being the present parent they want to be.

Why did you start your podcast?

After presenting to a group of moms of kids with Down Syndrome on the topic of getting organized in their home (I am a professional home organizer by trade) I realized how much we have in common when it comes to the types of organizing challenges we deal with and that there wasn't anyone out there talking about this to these moms who desperately want guidance and support. I knew then that I had to start focusing my efforts on this population. To date, my podcast is the only podcast out there that is specifically geared toward helping special needs moms get organized in their life and in their homes.

What's been your biggest challenge so far?

Finding the time to do it all - recording, editing, social media, etc. I also find that letting a little bit go (looking at you, editing!) can be difficult for me as well. But I need to so that I can focus my energies on monetizing the podcast and producing products that this population could benefit from.

How has podcasting impacted your personal and professional life?

I think being a podcaster about this specific niche of organizing for special needs moms has helped me indirectly in my business because I have gained a lot of speaking engagements since I started. I think it is helping me become known as a leader in this niche market. I also just appreciate the work I have done to start from scratch and produce a podcast completely independently, set up processes, develop ideas, etc. I appreciate that my ability to speak more clearly and effectively has improved through the episodes as well as the many connections I have made because of my podcast.

What advice do you have for new podcasters?

Just start. You won't be perfect -- in fact, you never will be. But you need to hit the record button and practice to start to see any growth in yourself and/or improvement. As you continue to produce, things will become easier for you. You don't need fancy equipment to start either. You can always upgrade as you continue to improve. Also, you won't be able to predict the exact products you will need unless you just start doing it - another reason to wait on the fancy mic!

Anything else you'd like to share with the world?

I am the mom of a beautiful young lady with Down Syndrome -- she is my motivation to keep going and my guide in almost all areas of life!

How has Podium improved your workflow?

Podium has helped me get better at writing show notes that are more robust and more optimized for SEO, as well as social media posts that promote the podcast. I really appreciate having the data that Podium provides.

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