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Creator Spotlight: Dean K. Piper, aka "The Pipeman”

Dean K. Piper and Pipeman Radio


Dean K. Piper, aka “The Pipeman,” is a multi-faceted media personality known for his globally syndicated show “The Adventures of Pipeman.” He is a pioneer in professional podcasting and streaming, focusing on spreading positivity and empowerment. His innovative approach has earned him partnerships with major streaming services and his shows offer a diverse mix of motivation, music, comedy, and celebrity interactions, providing a voice to the unheard and impacting lives globally.

Introducing Dean K. Piper, aka "The Pipeman”, and Pipeman Radio

Dean K. Piper, aka “The Pipeman”, is a Radio Personality, Podcaster, Marketer, Publicist, Emcee, Author, Speaker, and Coach.

You can check out his podcast (and much more) here: https://linktr.ee/pipemanradio

Tell us about your show!

Take some zany and serious journeys with The Pipeman aka Dean K. Piper, CST on The Adventures of Pipeman also known as Pipeman Radio syndicated globally “Where Who Knows And Anything Goes”. Listen to & Watch a show dedicated to motivation, business, empowerment, inspiration, music, comedy, celebrities, shock jock radio, various topics, and entertainment.

The Adventures of Pipeman is hosted by Dean K. Piper, CST aka “The Pipeman” who has been said to be hybrid of Tony Robbins, Batman, and Howard Stern. The Adventures of Pipeman has received many awards, media features, and has been ranked for multiple categories as one of the Top 6 Live Radio Shows & Podcasts in the world. Pipeman Radio also consists of multiple podcasts showing the many sides of Pipeman. These include The Adventures of Pipeman, Pipeman in the Pit, and Positively Pipeman and more. You can find all of the Pipeman Podcasts anywhere you listen to podcasts. With thousands of episodes that focus on “Intertainment” which combines information and entertainment, where there is something for everyone, including over 5000 interviews with celebrities, music artists/bands, authors, speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and all kinds of professionals.

Then there is The Pipeman Radio Tour, where Pipeman travels the country and world doing press coverage for Major Business Events, Conferences, Conventions, Music Festivals, Concerts, Award Shows, and Red Carpets. One of the top publicists in music has named Pipeman the “King of All Festivals.” So join the Pipeman as he brings “The Pipeman Radio Tour” to life right before your ears and eyes.

The Adventures of Pipeman Podcasts are heard on The Adventures of Pipeman Site, Pipeman Radio, Talk 4 Media, Talk 4 Podcasting, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Amazon Music, Audible, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts and over 100 other podcast outlets where you listen to Podcasts. The following are the different podcasts to check out and subscribe to: https://linktr.ee/pipemanradio

Why did you start your podcast?

I saw the vision of Steaming & Podcasting before it was even a thing in the early 2000s. I even beta tested iHeartRadio's first version of their podcasting network before it was released and helped to launch it. I knew media would be transformed into streaming and podcasting as we are seeing now, but also knew it had to be done professionally and the right way. So, I was already doing shows for many years and decided to launch a network to start professionally broadcasting live radio through streaming and recording podcasts before it was even a word. That was in 2007 and now we run multiple streaming Radio stations, a streaming TV station, and a Podcasting network with a media partnership with iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Audible.

Our main mission has always been to spread a positive message throughout the world while promoting important topics and messages, helping professionals and amateurs alike to professionally spread and promote their message while at the same time helping listeners and viewers, both personally and in business or even charity causes, throughout the world through our shows, messages, training, expertise, expert guests, and causes to create a space for learning, caring for others, and a network of those looking to help others while connecting them to those who need the help both personally and professionally.

What's been your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge has been convincing those who are familiar with the old way and educating them that the new way is here. This means many people still resist that we live in a world of streaming and podcasting. They want to hold on the way things used to work and doesn't really exist anymore.

How has podcasting impacted your personal and professional life?

It has given me a vehicle to spread a positive message to a large audience throughout the world and help so many that were previously geographically unreachable.

What advice do you have new podcasters?

That they should do it professionally. DIY sounds great in concept, but to really become successful, you have to do it the right way from from the get-go. Experience, education, training, and working with professionals who have expertise in all the areas that you don't.

Anything else you'd like to share with world?

Everyone has their voice and podcasting has provided a platform for their voice to be heard and help others whereas that was not previously possible.

How has Podium improved your workflow?

It’s a great platform for generating show notes, and in general helping with all the hard, time-consuming work involved in putting out a podcast professionally and the right way.

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