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Creator Spotlight: Dr. Andrea Moore

Dr. Andrea Moore and Unweaving Chronic Pain


Dr. Andrea Moore, host of "Unweaving Chronic Pain," is on a mission to help people suffering from chronic pain reclaim their lives. With a focus on providing actionable advice, her podcast fills a crucial gap in healthcare. Despite facing challenges like time and budget constraints, Dr. Moore finds podcasting rewarding, especially with the help of AI tools like Podium to streamline her workflow.

Introducing Dr. Andrea Moore and Unweaving Chronic Pain

If you're one of the millions who suffer from chronic pain, you're not alone. Dr. Andrea Moore, the host of "Unweaving Chronic Pain," is on a mission to bring relief to people who feel limited by their pain. This podcast serves as a crucial resource, guiding listeners through the process of reconnecting with their bodies and reclaiming their lives.

You can learn more about Unweaving Chronic Pain here.

A Podcast Like No Other

"I help people who feel stuck & limited by their pain. I enable them to liberate themselves from pain, and trade anxiety & fear for presence, possibility & resilience," Dr. Moore explains. She adds that her show is for those who have "been in pain for six or more months, and feel like they've tried everything." Dr. Moore guides her listeners through a transformative process, helping them transition from a life dominated by pain to one lived on their own terms.

Filling the Gaps in Healthcare

So what motivated Dr. Moore to start this podcast? "Chronic pain is a national epidemic, and there is a massive hole in our healthcare system for treating it," she says. Dr. Moore was compelled to fill this gap by providing reliable information on a large scale. "What motivates me are the messages I get from people that tell me how they were in pain for years, seeing 5+ doctors, providers, and nothing helped. But just listening to my podcast has either healed or significantly lessened their pain, giving them their life back."

Navigating the Challenges

While the podcast has been a source of empowerment for many, it comes with its own set of challenges for Dr. Moore. "Editing! Just the time commitment," she reveals. Since she operates without a dedicated team or significant budget, both time and money are crucial constraints.

The Impact of Podcasting

When asked how podcasting has affected her personally and professionally, Dr. Moore enthuses, "It gives me the wide reach I love, and has also allowed people to get to know me and my work on a deep level."

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Podcasters

For those considering their own podcasting venture, Dr. Moore’s advice is simple but powerful. "Just start! And screw perfectionism or a plan if that's holding you back :)"

A Message of Hope

Dr. Moore leaves us with a message of hope: "If you have chronic pain, no matter what level, there is so much hope!"

A Boost from Technology

As for the technological aspect of her work, Dr. Moore shares how Podium has made her life easier. "I love being able to provide transcripts now, and love being able to use the AI to help with repurposing, as well as with titles & show notes. It’s so helpful, and such a timesaver."

Dr. Andrea Moore’s podcast is more than just another show; it's a lifeline for those struggling with chronic pain. In a healthcare system often ill-equipped to handle this condition, "Unweaving Chronic Pain" stands out as a beacon of hope and information.

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