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Creator Spotlight: Michelle Pualani

Michelle Pualani and the "Her First" podcast


"Her First" podcast, co-hosted by Michelle Pualani and Joanna Newton, is a unique platform aimed at empowering women entrepreneurs to transition from traditional careers to successful online business ownership. The podcast delves into topics like overcoming comparison syndrome, embracing self-care, and battling perfectionism, while also providing strategies for personal branding. Michelle and Joanna's journey, starting from their meeting at Kajabi Hero Live, led to this venture, aiming to address not just business tactics but the fuller aspects of life in entrepreneurship. They emphasize the importance of quality production and clear direction in podcasting, sharing insights from their own experiences in managing and promoting their show.

Introducing Michelle Pualani and the ‘Her First’ podcast

Welcome to "Her First Podcast," where co-host Michelle Pualani offers expert insights for online entrepreneurs and creators. Alongside Joanna Newton, Michelle addresses key challenges in transitioning from traditional employment to entrepreneurship, focusing on personal brand development, overcoming perfectionism, and maintaining work-life balance. This podcast serves as a vital resource for women in business, blending professional advice with practical strategies for success.

You can listen to her podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/her-first-prioritizing-you-in-business-life/id1704069861

Tell us about your show!

Her First Podcast is a platform to help online business owners, coaches, and creators gain the confidence needed to build a successful business while creating sustainable lifestyle balance. We’re here to help you prioritize yourself in your business & life. Changing your mindset from a corporate 9 to 5 to an empowered entrepreneur can be challenging, so co-hosts Joanna Newton and Michelle Pualani discuss topics ranging from comparison syndrome, to self-care practices and why women struggle with perfectionism to strategies for defining your personal brand. With occasional guest interviews, we highlight other successful business owners to learn how they "balance" business with life in their own unique way.

Why did you start your podcast?

Over the past five years and I have inched my way into the online space, but been trying to search for a medium that really reflects how I want my personal brand to be represented. At Kajabi Hero Live I met Joanna & we wanted to pitch ourselves to other podcasts. But whenever we would get together we enjoyed chatting so much and really had a lot to say about certain topics - unconventional ways women were showing up in business. We really wanted a platform to not just talk about business or marketing, but address the aspects of life that make us whole people - other dimensions of who we are or how we show up in the world. So Her First was created and we are motivated to help other women business owners really define their own unique path to success - without it having to be defined by external pressure or look like anyone else.

What's been your biggest challenge so far?

Editing and promoting the podcast has been the biggest challenge so far! Really, finding a solid workflow has been helpful. Also, since it’s a co-hosted podcast Joanna and I share the load of responsibilities. Which really helps us stay focused and effective.

How has podcasting impacted your personal and professional life?

Podcasting has been such a wonderful way to share bigger ideas and thoughts outside of short form content. It's an amazing way to create authority and leadership for your brand, along with connect to you others in your industry. We've enjoyed curating topics we know are pain points for our audience as well as share our stories more candidly. It's such a phenomenal format to go deeper into topics you feel limited with on other platforms.

What advice do you have for new podcasters?

Although you don't need a lot to get started, we wanted to put our best foot forward. Especially since this content is technically around forever. It represents our businesses and our personal brands. So we did the research - looking to creators we trusted - to find the right mics, equipment and set up for video filming. It is a low barrier to entry since you can just record your voice, but we also wanted to share on YouTube with video or social media content posts with shorts. So getting the right setup taken care of ahead of time really set us up for success. Also - as a podcast listener, I really don't enjoy hosts who fumble around with no clear direction for the show. Although some of the best content isn't necessarily scripted, there is a format that we're following for the delivery of the show. I highly advise having clear direction so your listeners don't feel lost or confused.

Anything else you'd like to share with the world?

About me - I prefer putting milk in before my cereal.

How has Podium improved your workflow?

Podium has made post-production a lot easier with show notes, chapters and support for social channels. Although I'm not great at distribution yet, Podium's process for transcript, show notes and supportive pieces of content really does make the steps AFTER recording so much easier!

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