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Creator Spotlight: Stephen Box

Stephen Box and Unshakeable Habits


"Unshakable Habits," hosted by Stephen Box, is a podcast aimed at helping men create better lives by breaking old habits and focusing on health. Box, with his coaching background, shares inspiring stories and practical advice, leveraging systems and AI tools for efficient podcasting.

Introducing Stephen Box and the Unshakeable Habits Podcast

Stephen Box hosts "Unshakable Habits," a podcast focusing on helping men improve their lives by breaking old habits and enhancing their health. With a coaching background, he uses the platform to share inspiring stories and practical health strategies, while employing systems and AI tools to streamline his podcasting process.

You can listen to their show here: https://www.unshakablehabits.com

Tell us about your show!

Unshakable Habits is dedicated to helping men break free from their old habits and create a better life for themselves and those around them. Each week, we look at health from a 360 degree perspective through inspiring stories and practical strategies for prioritizing your physical and mental well-being.

Why did you start your podcast?

After a decade of coaching, I wanted to find a way to have a bigger impact on the world. Podcasting gave me a way to spread my message and have a bigger impact on more lives than I could ever do with coaching alone.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Early on, it was getting the processes figured out. Now I have great systems for getting guests and doing the interviews. I'd say the most recent challenge is all the post-interview production. Although I have systems in place for that as well, it's been very time consuming. I'm finding that AI solutions such as Podium make that process much easier and are buying back hours of my time.

How has podcasting impacted your personal and professional life?

As someone who teaches habits, I appreciate the discipline that having a weekly deadline creates. On top of that, I've had so many insightful conversations with such amazing guests. I walk away from every interview feeling like I either learned something new or gained a new perspective on something I already knew.

What advice do you have for new podcasters?

Set up some systems from the beginning, but don't worry about making them perfect. I cringe at the quality of some of my early episodes, but people still loved them. All the mistakes I made were opportunities to figure out what I ultimately wanted the show to be, which allowed me to perfect my process.

Anything else you'd like to share with world?

Your health and your time are your two most valuable resources. Investing your time in your health has a tremendous return on investment.

How has Podium improved your workflow?

My interviews are usually about 45 minutes to an hour and cover a range of topics and stories. Podium does a great job of knowing what to highlight and helps me move past a blank page.

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