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Creator Spotlight: David Brown

David Brown and Creatives With AI


"Creatives with AI," hosted by David Brown, explores the impact of artificial intelligence in the creative industries. The podcast features discussions with experts on how AI is transforming fields like design, music, and literature, providing crucial insights into the evolving intersection of technology and creativity.

Introducing David Brown and Creatives With AI Podcast

David Brown is the insightful host of "Creatives with AI," a podcast exploring the impact of artificial intelligence in the creative industries. Engaging with industry leaders, David delves into the ethical, beneficial, and challenging aspects of AI in fields like design, music, and literature. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and creativity, offering a deep understanding of how AI is reshaping these industries.

You can listen to their podcast here: https://open.spotify.com/show/3l97IiQzlKDnioO166RSyc

Tell us about your show!

Creatives with AI is a podcast for anyone curious about our new post-AI world. Listen to hear in-depth discussions with some of the most influential and important industry leaders in fields such as design, music, publishing, architecture, film and video, crafts, visual arts, fashion, TV and radio, advertising, literature, software, computer games and the performing arts. Through thought-provoking conversations, the podcast explores the ethical considerations, benefits, and drawbacks of using AI tools, as well as the opportunities and challenges that will arise in creative industries as AI becomes more prevalent. Whether you work in one of these industries or have an interest in the topic, the show offers valuable insights into the intersection of technology and creativity. Join David for engaging discussions with some of the brightest minds in the field.

Why did you start your podcast?

I work in a co-working space for creatives, and I have already seen my friends losing paid work to AI tools. I believe that AI will have massive benefits to society, but it will also have equally detrimental effects - particularly for creatives - and we need to be aware of what's coming so we can plan ahead. Due to spending nearly two decades working with agencies analyzing digital marketing information, I have an amazing black book of senior contacts who are also concerned about what's happening and are more than willing to chat about it. I figured that a podcast was the best way to get the word out and share the knowledge.

What's been your biggest challenge?

I'm still new to podcasting, so all of it is still a bit of a challenge. If I had to choose one big challenge for me personally, I guess it would be building up my self-confidence to put myself out there to the big, ugly world and not worry about what other people think. I think that's a bigger step than most podcasters will admit to, but it's certainly a factor. Since I've published a few episodes now, my confidence is growing, which makes everything else easier because I'm not constantly doubting myself.

How has podcasting impacted your personal and professional life?

An 'unintended consequence' of podcasting has been a massive leap in my self-confidence. It's not something I considered at all in the beginning, but it's made my life better across the board. It's also helped me re-engage with my personal and business network in a completely new way and enabled me to help people get their message out to their audience too.

What advice do you have for new podcasters?

Just do it. Yes, your voice sounds weird. That's ok. Just record it and post it. Again and again. It WILL get better and you won't even think about it after a while.

Anything else you'd like to share with world?

I've met Elvis. In person. At Graceland. If you want to know more you have to listen to all my podcasts first. Hahaha.

How has Podium improved your workflow?

Podium has reduced the time it takes for me to generate high-quality show notes and social posts. I've tried several other tools, but none have delivered the content quality that Podium does. That saves even more time in rewrites and faffing about with trying to get things right.

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