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How to Get Booked on Podcasts

It can catapult you into the public eye


Securing guest spots on podcasts involves understanding your value proposition, researching relevant podcasts, crafting personalized and compelling pitches, and following up strategically. Prioritize outreach based on the podcast's audience and relevance to your expertise, ensuring pitches are concise and tailored to each host, showing genuine engagement with their content. Once booked, thorough preparation for the interview and promoting the episode post-airing are crucial steps to maximize the opportunity. This approach not only enhances your chances of being featured on podcasts but also strengthens your personal brand and expands your network, making you a desirable guest in the podcasting world.


In today's digital landscape, podcasts have emerged as a powerful platform for content distribution, personal branding, and network expansion. Getting booked as a guest on podcasts can catapult you into the public eye, giving you the opportunity to share your expertise, stories, and insights with a wider audience. But how do you go about securing these coveted podcast guest spots? This article provides a roadmap to help you navigate the process of getting booked on podcasts.

Define Your Value Proposition

Before you even consider reaching out to podcast hosts, understand your value proposition. What expertise, unique perspectives, or valuable insights do you bring to the table? Be clear on what you can offer to a podcast's specific audience that aligns with the show’s theme or focus.

Research Suitable Podcasts

Not every podcast will be a good fit for your message. Spend time researching podcasts that align with your area of expertise, interests, and target audience. Use platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or even specialized podcast directories to find shows that resonate with what you have to offer.

Prioritize Your Outreach

Once you have a list, prioritize your outreach based on the show's audience size, influence, and relevance to your expertise. This doesn't mean you should only aim for top-rated podcasts. Smaller, niche podcasts can also offer great opportunities for targeted exposure.

Craft a Compelling Pitch

Your pitch is your first impression, so make it count. Make sure to:

  • Address the podcast host by name

  • Be concise but engaging

  • Clearly articulate what you can offer to their audience

  • Mention any credentials, past media appearances, or relevant experience

  • If possible, suggest specific topics you could discuss

Personalization is Key

Generic, one-size-fits-all pitches are easy to spot and quick to dismiss. Personalize your pitch by mentioning a specific episode or segment of the podcast that you enjoyed or learned from. This shows you’ve done your homework and genuinely appreciate their content.

Follow Up Strategically

Don't be discouraged if you don't hear back immediately. It's standard practice to follow up after a week or two. However, avoid being overly persistent to the point of annoyance. A polite, well-timed reminder can sometimes make all the difference.

Prepare for the Interview

Once you're booked, preparation is crucial. Familiarize yourself with the podcast’s format, tone, and recent episodes. If possible, consult with the host beforehand about questions or topics that will be covered. This is your time to shine, so be ready to offer valuable insights, anecdotes, or advice.

After the Episode Airs

Being a great guest doesn't end when the recording stops. Promote the episode through your social media channels, tag the podcast, and thank the host publicly. Not only is this good etiquette, but it also exposes the episode to your audience, creating a win-win situation for you and the host.


Getting booked on podcasts is an excellent opportunity for professionals, entrepreneurs, authors, and experts from various fields to share their knowledge and grow their brand. By meticulously defining your value proposition, researching and targeting the right podcasts, crafting a compelling and personalized pitch, and preparing thoroughly for the interview, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a sought-after podcast guest.

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