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How to Prepare Your Guests for a Podcast

In order to have great guests, you need to be a great host!


Learn how to prepare your guests for a podcast with these essential tips. From communication and pre-recording briefings to leveraging AI tools like Podium, ensure a seamless and engaging podcast experience for both your guests and listeners.

Setting the stage for success

Inviting guests to your podcast can bring fresh perspectives and add value to your content. To make the most of their presence, it's crucial to prepare your guests effectively. In this article, we'll explore some key steps to ensure a smooth and successful podcast experience for everyone involved.

Communication is key

The first step in preparing your podcast guests is clear and effective communication. Reach out to your guests well in advance, providing them with all the necessary information, such as the podcast's theme, the episode's topic, and the format of the conversation. Make sure your guests understand the expectations and their role in the discussion. This will help them feel more comfortable and confident during the recording.

Pre-recording briefing

Before the actual recording, schedule a pre-recording briefing with your guests. This is an opportunity to discuss the podcast's structure, the questions you'll be asking, and any specific talking points your guest would like to cover. You can also clarify any technical requirements, such as the audio format or the preferred recording software.

Though you want the podcast conversation to be organic and natural, having a loose game plan, depending on the needs of your particular podcast, can go a long way.

Technical checks

To ensure a high-quality recording, it's essential to perform technical checks before the podcast begins. Make sure your guests have access to a quiet space, a reliable internet connection, and a good-quality microphone. Encourage them to wear headphones to minimize audio feedback during the recording.

While doing your pre-recording briefing, it would be wise to attempt to mirror the same exact setup as will be used during the actual recording, on both sides—that way, you’re reducing the likelihood of external variables getting in the way.

Solo podcasting tips

For creators interested in how to do a solo podcast, preparation is key. Develop a clear outline of your episode, complete with talking points and examples. Invest in quality recording equipment and familiarize yourself with audio editing software. And remember, Podium's AI writer can help you create show notes, summaries, and promotional materials for your solo podcast.


Preparing your podcast guests is an essential part of creating a successful and engaging podcast. By following these steps and leveraging the power of AI tools like Podium, you can ensure a smooth and rewarding podcast experience for your guests, your listeners, and yourself.

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