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Tools for Mastering and Post-Production

Poor audio quality might mean your listeners are having to micro-manage your podcast’s volume


Audio quality is more important than you think. Done well, your listeners will mentally place your podcast alongside any other top 1% podcast on Apple (aka professional podcasts). Done poorly, all of a sudden the lack of attention to audio quality will become apparent, and in a worse-case-scenario, your listeners will have to micro-manage the volume knob in even relatively quiet environments, or quit listening to your episodes altogether. Here we discuss simple ways to save time and professionally master your audio.

Embracing AI for Podcast Mastering and Post-Production

Podcasting has exploded in popularity, with many creators producing high-quality content for their audiences. One crucial aspect of podcasting is mastering and post-production, which ensures that your podcast sounds polished and professional.

If you’re unsure as to why this is important among all the other things you have to get right, especially if you’re just starting out and overwhelmed, think about this common scenario:

Have you ever listened to a podcast in your car, and had to constantly adjust the volume depending on if you were driving on the highway, or were at a standstill?

Or worse, have you had to ride the volume even when in a relatively quiet environment because one of the speakers seemed closer to their mic or had a lower-quality sounding mic or not?

In that particular instance, what you’re hearing is the lack of good compression and limiting. When both are executed properly, you’ll end up with a relatively even-keeled volume coming from all the speakers, regardless of their environment, microphone, and natural voice volume.

This is just one of many areas where audio mastering can play a huge role in the pleasure your audience takes when listening to your podcast. You don’t want to be the podcast that your audience has to micro-manage.

Though some podcast players like Overcast have auto-mastering tools in place, it’s often best to solve these issues at the root so your listeners’ podcast players aren’t having to fight your poor audio quality.

The good news is that AI tools and even regular podcast tools supplied by hosts have made significant advancements in this area, enabling podcasters to streamline their workflows and achieve better results.

The Rise of Podcast AI

Podcast AI has become a game-changer for creators, enabling them to automate various aspects of their production process, including editing, show notes generation, and even content summarization. Some of the best AI copywriting software available today, such as Podium, allows podcasters to create detailed podcast show notes, transcriptions, clips, and more—while saving a ton of time.

Save Time with AI-Powered Podcast Editing Services

Editing a podcast can be time-consuming, especially for solo creators. However, AI-driven podcast editing services can help automate the process, allowing you to focus on creating engaging content. While it might not replace the expertise of a dedicated human podcast editor or production team, AI can efficiently handle tasks like noise reduction, leveling, and trimming. There are even ways to handle these tasks without AI, since in most cases, it’s a straightforward and formulaic process.

Auphonic and Buzzsprout: Automatic Podcast Audio Mastering Solutions

Two popular tools that offer automatic podcast audio mastering solutions are Auphonic and Buzzsprout.

These platforms help podcasters save time and effort in post-production by providing automated audio mastering services tailored specifically to the needs of podcast creators.

Auphonic: Auphonic is an audio processing tool designed to optimize the sound quality of your podcast. It offers advanced algorithms to automatically balance levels (”Intelligent Leveler”), reduce background noise, and apply audio restoration, ensuring your podcast sounds polished and professional. With both a web-based service and desktop applications, Auphonic provides a user-friendly interface for podcasters of all skill levels to improve their audio quality with minimal effort.

Buzzsprout: Buzzsprout is a comprehensive podcast hosting platform that offers built-in audio mastering features as part of its service. Known as the "Magic Mastering" feature, it automatically optimizes your podcast's audio levels, reduces background noise, and enhances overall sound quality. Buzzsprout's Magic Mastering can be a valuable addition to your podcasting workflow, as it streamlines the post-production process while ensuring your podcast sounds its best.

Both Auphonic and Buzzsprout offer excellent solutions for podcasters looking to improve their audio quality through automatic mastering. By incorporating these tools into your podcasting workflow, you can enhance the listening experience for your audience while saving time on post-production tasks.

AI-Generated Show Notes and Summaries

Show notes are essential for providing context and enhancing the listener experience. AI-generated podcast summaries can save valuable time by creating accurate and engaging show notes that effectively capture the essence of each episode. Podcast show notes generators, such as Podium, use advanced algorithms to extract key information and provide concise summaries, helping your audience quickly understand the content of your podcast.

Outsource or DIY: The Podcast Editing Dilemma

Many podcasters struggle with the decision to outsource their podcast editing or do it themselves. AI-driven podcast editing tools offer a viable alternative, allowing you to maintain control over your podcast's production while saving time and resources.

However, it's essential to find the right balance between automation and human touch to ensure your podcast maintains its authenticity and quality.

For example, you might find that your podcast’s content is so weird and quirky, that you either just have to write the show notes yourself, or have your team do it. But you can get away with AI audio mastering.

Or, you could do the opposite: maybe you’re a podcast like Song Exploder, which breaks down popular songs stem-by-stem, and need to ensure that it sounds great and you’re not misrepresenting the artist’s track. But you feel that Podium’s automated show notes are perfect for the job.

Think about your unique situation and look for time-saving areas that work for you!

The Cost of Podcast Editing

The cost of hiring a podcast editor or working with podcast agencies can be prohibitive for some creators. AI-driven podcast editing tools offer a cost-effective solution, providing professional-quality results at a fraction of the price. While these tools might not be suitable for every podcast, they can help streamline the editing process and reduce costs for many creators.


Don’t skimp on your audio quality. It’s an afterthought for most listeners, but that’s because the bar is already set high—they expect great quality. Serve them well!

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